Hey, I'm Katie.

I grew up one of four girls in a small town on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Our house was a small shotgun home.  Built in the late 1940's, it had become a real fixer upper by the time my parents bought it in 1985. My dad, with the help of a few faithful friends, eventually turned that house right side up and inside out.  The remodel included adding on a "tower" -- a large bedroom for four little girls to share at the bottom and at the top was a small, one room loft which was affectionately called "upstairs."

If we were not outside building a fort in the woods, you were bound to find us upstairs in that little room.  It was our hideout, our landing place, our place to get lost, to grow and to be ourselves.  From recording improv talk shows and filming comedic short films to writing, drawing and painting.  It's where originality and authenticity was birthed without even realizing it.  It's where I discovered the thrill of working with my hands and the deep satisfaction in creating something that was my very own.  

With that foundation, I have found myself enjoying a great many things.  A few of which are my love for paper, stationery design, watercolor and brush calligraphy.  My hope and prayer for Upstairs Paper Studio is that in some way it would continue to be my place to grow, to continue discovering what I am passionate about and in so doing would inspire you to do the same.  This is just the beginning.  Let's go upstairs!